Restaurants and fast foods in Brussels

Here you can eat tasty, inexpensive and fast
Brussels is charming. Its crooked streets are pulled for a walk, the main square is striking in its splendor, strict architecture is respected, and the changeable weather has warm gatherings on the porches of numerous cafes. It is not customary to stay longer than three days, but this modest city is open only to those travelers who are not afraid to stay longer than a week.
The main route through the European capital lies through bars, restaurants and pastry shops. It seems that gastronomic joys are elevated here to the category of national sport. T ut came up and held the world’s first dinner at the table suspended in the air. Since then, Dinner in the sky has become synonymous with a gastronomic adventure, and Brussels has only strengthened itself in the title of the delicious capital of Europe. The concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium is the highest per capita. It seems that the Belgians are a good judge of good cuisine and willingly share the taste of Brussels in colorful city restaurants.

Many of the restaurant ‘s Brussels marked in “Red Guide” Michelin – the most famous and influential institutions in the world ranking. However, the main criterion for the rating is the cooking skill. The atmosphere, interior and quality of service are evaluated secondarily.

But even the most “average” establishments possess an extremely high level of cookery art. Belgians in Flemish are meticulous about cooking, but at the same time strive in French to elegantly decorate it.
Good places to eat in Brussels

  1. Sea Grill **
    Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47, Brussels
    The Brussels restaurant, “Sea Grill”, shining brightly with two Michelin stars, is located in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels. This place is famous for its sophisticated dishes. What is only the description: “Mediterranean bass, served with the contents of the sea urchin and mussels.” It even sounds a little uncomfortable. But in fact, the dishes are very tasty and … insanely expensive.
  2. Comme Chez Soi **
    Place Rouppe 23, Brussels
    The most “crowned” restaurant in Brussels, marked by two Michelin stars. Its name translates as “just like at home”, and it really once corresponded to the concept of the institution. But today it is perceived as irony: rare gourmets dine at home with lobster, crab and snail dishes . If you decide to dine, know that it is customary to reserve a table in the institution a month in advance.
  3. Armes de Bruxelles
    Rue des Bouchers 13, Brussels
    One of the best establishments in the “Belly of Brussels” area (near the central square) is Armes de Bruxelles, located on Rue des Bouchers 13. A cozy middle-class restaurant is famous for fish and seafood dishes; here you can taste sea snails boiled in fish broth , local mussels in white wine and king crabs in various sauces.
  4. In’t Spinnekopke
    Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 1, Brussels
    The lair of the spider, which is the symbol and logo of the establishment, is another place where you can not only taste good, but also eat quite cheaply in Brussels. The typical atmosphere of the Belgian capital reigns here: wooden benches, a tiled floor, a pleasant twilight of the 1792 mansion. Dishes are prepared on beer, which gives them an unusual sweet and sour and even slightly fruity taste. It turns out satisfying and homely.
  5. Cook & book
    Place du Temps Libre 1, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels
    So sometimes you go around the bookstore, you choose, when suddenly a feeling of hunger creeps in. But in this restaurant in Brussels (or a bookstore) you don’t have to go far – dining places are located next to bookshelves, and while waiting for an order you can scroll through your favorite books. All rooms are thematic – from art to children’s literature.
  6. Chez franz
    Av. du Haut-Pont 30, Brussels
    There is nothing superfluous in this authentic cafe-bar. Only delicious food, the ubiquitous Belgian beer, iron chairs, tables on a sunny street and affordable brunch. Simple, satisfying and very sincere, because the bar is popular among locals, and on Sunday evenings they play jazz.
  7. AM Sweet
    4, Rue des Chartreux, Brussels
    Something between a tea house and a cafe. Small tables and cozy sofas on the mezzanine floor. The light style of this institution evokes romantic thoughts, and the airy interior contributes to writing poetry and listening to classical music. Breakfast here is made with chocolate and delicious homemade cakes.
  8. La Fleur en Papier Dore
    Rue des Alexiens 55, Brussels
    In this charming tavern of Brussels, a regular of which was once Rene Magritte, you can feel yourself in the XVIII century, but with a higher level of service. The color of the typical Flemish bar is given by faded photographs on the walls, notes and marks on the tables. Hearty stews and blood sausages are served, complemented by gueuze beer and mashed potatoes.
  9. La Mer du Nord
    Rue Sainte-Catherine 45, Brussels
    A line of locals proves that this is one of the best places to eat tasty and cheap in Brussels. You can’t find fresher seafood anymore – you can cook fish soup and crab burgers in front of customers, and eat it right there, on the street, drinking white wine and eating herring. Such fast food in Brussels will be appreciated even by ardent opponents of snacks on the go.
  10. Delirium
    Impasse de la Fidélité 4, 1000 Brussels
    They say that if you do not visit this institution, we can assume that I did not see Brussels either. Even considering that recently such franchise bars began to open all over the world. Delirium can be found in Brazil, Japan and the United States, but only Brussels has a unique atmosphere of hospitality, fun and originality. Its doors do not close all year round, and already 3000 items are marked in the beer card. For a variety of Belgian beers, the bar even got into the Guinness Book of Records.